October 22, 2020

Fruit Smoothies Pokie

Fruit Smoothies instantly gives you the feeling of a pokie coming out directly from a casino in Las Vegas with all the neon flashing lights. It is a three reel pokie with a single activated payline that is somewhat different from the rest. Fruits and the Fruit Smoothies logo are the symbols which you’ll be seeing appearing on your reels, but get ready for some exciting differences.

However, before we start, decide how much you want to bet and change this amount accordingly by clicking on the plus and minus arrows found at the lower left corner beneath the reels. You can set this value at eight different levels depending on your budget. Then press spin and let the fun begin!


Fruit Smoothies works with a concept similar to what we already saw in the other pokie from Microgaming Billion Dollar Gran. As we said before, fruits are the symbols used here, but when these line up they won’t give you instant credits. Instead you will be awarded with WinSpins. The latter are similar to free spins, and each set of fruits will give a different amount of these free spins.

For instance, three bananas on the central line will give you five WinSpins. On the other hand, the Fruit Smoothies logo, which is the most valuable symbol, will make you earn fifteen WinSpins. Once this happens, you will be taken to a secondary screen with another three reel pokie that will be played at the same value as the game that led to it.

In this secondary bonus game your target will be to line up bananas, cherries, strawberries, apples, watermelons and oranges on the five active paylines. Yes, that’s right, this time there are five possible paylines, namely three horizontal ones and two diagonals. Winning combinations obtained during the WinSpins are translated into credits according to which fruit has lined up, as shown on the display itself. All the credits won will be added up to your account.

So if you get three WinSpins, all the winnings made during such spins will accumulate in your account. Think about how much can be won during fifteen WinSpins! And that is not enough. Another symbol displayed during the secondary bonus game is a golden coin with the words Extra Spin written on it. Three of these on an active payline will grant you with a random number of extra WinSpins.

Pretty cool, right? Still, right now we believe you are asking yourselves, but is it difficult to get to the WinSpins Bonus Game? The answer is, not at all! Some interesting features are available to help you get three matching symbols during the regular game. So, now it’s time for us to give you some insights about what these features are and how they function.

Function features

We shall start with the Nudge function, that maybe some of you have already used. The Nudges are a tool which will give you the possibility to push the reel forward. Now if you take a look at the symbols that are next in line, which is possible using the sneak peek arrows above the reels, you can see whether or not it is good to use the nudges, that by the way are randomly awarded to you. If you think that there is no point in using them you can click spin without using them all, and these will be held for you for the next spin.

You can hold up to four Nudges at one go. Moreover, at times you can also get a Repeat Nudge. When you use all your nudges sometimes you will win the same amount of nudges. Besides, another interesting thing with nudges for all the risk lovers out there, is the Gamble feature. Thanks to this you can gamble the amount of nudges won, hoping that you will get more nudges than you originally won.

Nudges, however, are not the only feature available in Fruit Smoothies. The Hold, Shifta! and Let’em Spin are three more functions that will help you get to the WinSpins Bonus Game. The Hold allows you to hold some of the reels while the others spin again, the Shifta! feature will make the reels spin in a winning combination automatically, and the Let’em Spin is something similar to the Shifta! but takes place when you have two of the same symbols on the payline after you have used all your nudges. All these features are activated at random. Well, if this is not enough to instill your curiosity, maybe a few free spins over here will. Actually, let us rephrase, a couple of free spins on our page will surely make you like this pokie. According to us Fruit Smoothies can be awarded high grades as it similar to a classical pokie but with an innovative touch. A touch that is not very complicated to understand, or extremely difficult to use. Enjoy!