December 6, 2020

Money Transactions in Online Casinos

This may represent a huge disadvantage if compared to the money transactions involved with land-based casinos, where everything is done face to face with some other person. If you choose playing at online casinos, every little action has as main element the distance, because you need to register from distance and, in case you may have some misunderstandings or complaints, you can expose them virtually as well (through the agency of customer support service).


Money transactions are considered to be of outmost importance when it comes to casino games (both, online and offline) and this is why people are rather skeptical about online gambling. They are quite worried about sending and receiving money as long as everything takes place remotely. It is natural to be worried since you do not know for sure where the “real destination” of your money is. Generally, it is not an easy or wise decision to reveal your personal banking details to some person or some company you do not really know. However, there have been found several convenient payment options lately so that you could be more relaxed when making online financial transactions.

You have now several payment possibilities you can rely on, although the laws in this sector are still tough. If you want to follow a simple path, then you should opt for direct payment casino methods, as, by doing this, you are not supposed to include some other financial company in your transactions activities. The great majority of gamblers can take advantage of these payment options, with the exception of the United States gamblers that are not allowed to use them because of the prohibitory regulations imposed on banks (and other financial institutions) by the US government. These regulations are in opposition with all those activities involving financial transactions in the field of online casinos. If you want to use credit and debit cards in order to fund your next deposit, you do not have to do anything else but registering with your card details on the forum when appropriate.

This is to your own advantage, due to the fact you do not have to write your card details each time you want to send money. It is a very simple modality of sending money, with the essential condition that you do not have anything against revealing your credit card details on the Internet sites. If you have such problems, then you need to get informed about the respective online casino (you are about to join).In case you discover that you are dealing with a reputable one, then you do not have to worry anymore, because everything is under control. Another important method used for financial transactions is bank-to-bank wire transfer.

Direct wire transfer

It is generally accepted that you are usually allowed to adopt it when making withdrawals, but, at the same time, some online casinos will let you depositing money as well through the agency of direct wire transfer. This way, you can use it for transferring funds from your bank account to those ones belonging to the online casinos you are interested in. In case you are suspicious about posting your banking information on the Internet, this may not seem to be the perfect choice. You can opt instead for wire transfer. All you have to do if choosing this method is to go to nearest Western Union subsidiary and fulfilling all the necessary procedures for sending your money right to the online casino. You need to know, first of all that the above-mentioned option is a very reliable and safe one. You can sometimes use it for withdrawals as well.

There is still one important disadvantage related to this payment option dealing with the charges everyone has to pay if making use of it very often. If all the above mentioned payment options have not convinced you to adopt them, then we must not forget about checks. Usually, they are used for withdrawals, but they are sometimes used (although extremely rarely) for depositing funds in your casino account. You have the possibility of sending a check to a certain online casino through the agency of your bank. It resembles a lot to money wire transfer from many points of view, with the observation that the process of this method is quicker. This payment option also implies costs related to the postal service.

Besides the direct payment casino methods, there are also indirect payment casino methods you must take into consideration. There is a third factor involved in your financial transaction when using one of these methods. Your money will not go directly into the online casino account, as you need to send it to some other company first. As regarding the withdrawals, the situation is quite similar. Your winnings will go first into an external account (where the online casino sends them) and you need to transfer them (from that account) into your own bank account. We also have to add that the above mentioned payment methods can also be divided into other two subcategories.

This way, we are dealing with online payment processors (FirePay, Moneybookers, Citadel, Click2Pay, etc.) and prepaid cards (Gift2Go, All Access Debit Cards, etc.). As a matter of fact, online payment processors represent nothing else but virtual accounts where you are supposed to transfer money from your bank account. From these virtual accounts your money will be transferred into the online casino accounts, when appropriate. If you want to save time and money, you can always count on these online payment processors. If you choose using prepaid cards, then you must know that they are nothing else but some cards of different denominations you can use for loading a certain sum of money into your online casino account. It is recommended that you should opt for this method in case you are suspicious about posting your bank account details on the Internet.