October 22, 2020

Once Upon A Time Pokie

As with Mad Scientist and other Betsoft pokie, you can decide to play Once Upon A Time for real money at Vera John Casino. However, first things first. Let’s first take a look at what this pokie is all about. Betsoft used the opening of many fairy tales as the title for one of their pokies, and as such we should expect nothing less than a magical adventure into a fantasy world.


The graphics used are so good that it appears as though the characters have just come out of an animated movie like for example Shrek or something of the sort. The music used is harmonic and with a legendary feel, typical of children’s fairy tales. The symbols will also spell out magic and fantasy. With the beautiful princess, a brave knight, goblins, dragons, treasures and others you will certainly feel as though you were part of this fable.

Of these symbols some are a little bit more useful than the others. For instance the dragon is one of these symbols. When it appears in position one of the third reel it will blow out some fire and the whole reel is burnt. However, do not despair, this is nothing but the Fire Starter Wild Reel feature. So basically, the whole reel will be turned into wild, thereby helping you in obtaining more profits. If the treasure symbol appears anywhere on the reels at the same time, the wild reel will be also held for the next spin.

Goblins are legendary creatures which are thought to be evil or mischievous. However, in Once Upon A Time we will see a different side of these fellows since they will actually help you in making out some profit, although in a naughty way. When you get three goblins on an active payline you will activate the Goblin’s Treasure Bonus Round. You will enter a castle and find yourself in some kind of big library. Steal objects for the goblins and you will be rewarded with credit points.

You can also win extra credits instantly with the How She Loved The Knight feature. When the princess and the knight appear side by side on either payline one, two or three, the two sweet characters that are madly in love with each other will kiss. This kiss is worth some nice profit for you, so god bless their love!

In Once Upon A Time you will also get a scatter symbol

The latter is depicted by a bag of gold that whenever you get three or more of them anywhere on the reels they will activate a profitable Click Me feature. Click on all the bags you have one after the other. You will gain points after every click, and the total amount could be something not to be underestimated.

Three of the tree house symbols on an active payline is also something you should be on the look out for. When this happens you’ll be able to spin the wheels for free, that is solely at the casino’s expense. Trust us, it feels really good watching your account increasing in total spin after spin knowing you’re not spending anything at all. Moreover, free spins can be triggered again during an initial Those Crazy Goblins free round. This happens simply when an additional three tree house symbols appear again during the free spins.

Once Upon A Time will also give you the possibility to take up the role of the courageous knight when three of him are alined on an active payline. You will then have to go in front of a castle and free the princess which is held as hostage in a cage by the fierce dragon. You will have to choose a weapon between a club, a catapult, a sword and a piece of meat, and then see what happens. Once the princess is freed you will be rewarded with some good money.

Apart from all this, the rest of the pokie is quite standard. Once Upon A Time is a five by three pokie with thirty possible paylines. The coin value ranges between €0. 05 and €1. 00, and you can bet up to a maximum of five coins per spin. So a maximal bet is equivalent to €150, although the smallest amount you can bet is of €0. 05. Therefore, it is also possible to choose anything in between. So, now all that’s left to say is that now you can try Once Upon A Time here for as long as you want. Fight the dragon, deceive the goblins, let the knight meet the princess, and they will live happily ever after!